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We Are YEP.

YEP is a sales and marketing company with proprietary products and services, selling through affiliate marketing, direct sales, wholesale and direct channels. Our affiliate members use our fully integrated and proprietary online platform to grow and track all aspects of their businesses and to select from several tiers of access to our subscription-based platform. The platform provides our members with: training for social media marketing and content development; lead generation, sales and customer retention; and business strategy, business management, customer support and specialized growth tools. We are an engaged online community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners working together, supporting each other, and learning from each other. 

"People deserve to have the option of living a life of freedom and success.

Jimmy Ezzell

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We can say that there were 2 major milestones in the life of founder and CEO Jimmy Ezzell that lead to the creation of the Young Entrepreneur Project.

Jimmy was a very successful young man, building himself a high-paying career in corporate America. But he was also a husband and a dad to then, 2 small daughters. Living the life of a corporate employee required him to dedicate all his productive hours to his job, leaving not much quality time left for his family. This was wearing down on him, on his wife, and eventually on his daughters. And that was a price Jimmy was not willing to pay. At that moment he knew he needed to find another way. He needed to pave his own way as an entrepreneur so he could create his own lifestyle and provide for his family not only financially but also emotionally.

Fast forwarding to several years later, after failure and success, Jimmy has successfully built organizations with hundreds of thousands of people globally and had successfully built the entrepreneurial lifestyle that he dreamed of for himself and his family.

As a global leader with connections across the globe, Jimmy created great relationships across the way, one of them being Jack Cha, a reputable leader in Asia. Traveling to Thailand to meet Mr. Cha, Jimmy was introduced to his program teaching less fortunate youth about entrepreneurship and how to generate income online as an entrepreneur. Jimmy saw firsthand what a simple, yet powerful perspective shift was doing in the lives of these kids. And, at that moment he knew, that all he had learned, all he had experienced, had given him the mission to impact people's lives by not only teaching, motivation, and leading but also generating opportunities for ALL PEOPLE, anywhere in the world. And that day YEP INC was born as the Young Entrepreneur Project.

2 years later, YEP has impacted the lives of thousands of people around the globe and it is on its way to becoming a public company.

Operating in 5 continents, YEP has built a vast portfolio of brands and products strategically created to help people through education, wellness, marketing, business tools, and an affiliate model giving an accessible opportunity to people that like Jimmy, are looking to regain control of their lives, their schedule, and their income.